When life screws up your holiday plans

sickI was so looking forward to being able to catch up on my gym training this holiday season. I was so thrilled that every single day my gym was open for even half a day. I was also looking forward to some holiday baking – I even bough a new kind of flour – cricket flour! And then this happened! Out of the blue, I woke up on December 23rd with a fever and a tightness in my chest that turned into a cough by midday. And the rest is history that I’m still trying to cure. Not the best way to spend Christmas Holidays especially when you were planing to put all the carbs from holiday eating to work in the gym. 

Today was the first day that I actually cooked myself supper. I had some shrimp in the fridge and I’m always stocked up on NuPasta so I threw this little beauty together.

shimpIt’s a high fat meal so there is tons of parmesan in there. And you are probably thinking that it must be a high carb meal as well, but you would be wrong. I’m using a whole package (210g) of NuPasta in here. NuPasta is a low-carb and low-calorie alternative to regular pasta that usually packs in tons of carbs and calories. A serving of 210g NuPasta is only 25cal! I quickly marinated my shrimp in some liquid smoke with smoked paprika, salt and pepper and then sautéed it in 5g of coconut oil, I added the pasta with some chopped green onions, 10g of parmesan cheese and a sprinkle of white miso soup powder. I tossed it around a couple of times and transferred into my bowl, added another 10g of parmesan cheese (I did say it was a high fat meal, didn’t I?) and for added crunch and some freshness I made a side of raw cucumber salad. 

It was rather yummy and that’s a lot coming from a sick person whose appetite has been down the drain 🙂 

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