Keto for the win!

keto eggs
                     3 full eggs, 5g coconut oil, 160g english cucumber, 15g blue cheese, salt and pepper.

Today I read  something very refreshing, something that I’ve always believed and preached myself : there is no size that fits all when it comes to food. You have to figure it out by yourself, by trial and error to see what will work for you. This takes time, 100% adherence and perseverance. You can’t just look at somebody else and what they eat and hope that the same will work for you. It might, but chances are it won’t.

Why was this refreshing to see somebody preach that not everybody is the same in how their bodies respond to food? It’s because there is way too many people out there throwing claims about what works and what doesn’t that many people blindly follow and see no results. It’s especially true for those who follow IIFYM  – they give you the impression that you can eat junk and get ripped. They put down anybody who doesn’t follow their pack, not to mention belittling anybody who subscribes to the “clean eating” way. It boggles me why people feel they have the right to call anybody names just because they chose to eat rice and broccoli! And it goes both ways. Why won’t everybody just mind their own plate? If you want to show me your way, go ahead and do it, but don’t put me down because I know that I don’t have enough self control to eat one pop tart – I’d have to eat them all. So, instead I chose to stick to whole foods, make my own baked goods in small quantities and skip the hype.

For a fact I know that my body does best, composition-wise, when my carbs are low and fats are high. So keto eggs2this trio was on the menu for today’s lunch and it was splendid! Fats also make me feel satiated and less likely to want to snack mindlessly in between meals. What’s more, when I eat a fatty meal I don’t get the urge to reach for something else right after I’ve had my last bite. In fact, I don’t feel hungry for the next 3-4 hours. With carby meals it’s quite the opposite: I eat the meal and before I even finish it I’m calculating in my mind if there is any more room to eat more. 45 minutes post carb meal and my stomach is growling. So, I’m going to stick with higher fats and lower carbs, which pretty much means no junk. Mostly eggs, salmon, veal, nut butters and leafy green veggies. Do what makes you feel best and forget the rest!   

Macros for this lunch meal are: 343cal, 7c, 24f, 20p. 


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