Skyr – the new best thing in your fridge

IMG_20160305_132200145_HDR-01It has come to my attention that there is a new kind of yogurt on the horizon. The kind that will make you say good bye to your regular greek yogurt. I’ve spotted it for the first time while browsing IG and thought, oh well another product, another company making money. But it kept reappearing and I’ve noticed that there is absolutely nothing bad about it – the macros sounded spectacular, it was plain and had no fat and promised to be thicker and yummier than anything else. I figured, I had nothing to lose and much to gain. So, I made sure that it is available in Canada, in fact it is carried by a very popular brand – President’s Choice that also has a reputation of being less expensive than any other brand. So, of I went on a Skyr hunt!

The first time around I was not at all successful! Even though, all the Dominion stores had a spot for their freazer shelves for the said Skyr and it was even on sale, all the spots were empty! What a disappointment! Oh well, I thought, it’s bound to be back sooner or later. So, 2 weeks later I started the same familiar hunt, just to find out that none of the cargo boats were getting through to the province and hence many products missing from the local stores. Well, now I was disappointed. Not only was my Dry Pressed Cottage Cheese gone from the shelves, this new product was not to be found either! Skyr was supposed to replace my Cottage Cheese, or at least give me some variation and I couldn’t find either! Mind you, the flavoured options were sitting happily on the shelves, it’s the plain one that was gone everywhere. And just to be clear, the last time I ate favoured yogurt was in grade 1. I don’t know about you, but I want to taste the yogurt, not somebody else’s idea of sugary sweet, artificially flavoured milk product. If I want to add punch to it, I will flavour it myself and flavour I do 🙂

Well, I’m writing a review of the product, so you are right in thinking “She must have found at least one container!” and you would be right thinking this. In fact, found it in a place that most of people I know don’t even shop, because it has a somewhat of a bad reputation of being a cheap place. I call it “a smart person’s grocery store”, the owner calls it “No Frills” – it’s the place where you can find almost everything that you would at Dominion, only at a fraction of the price. They had 4 containers, so I grabbed 3 and happily brought them home to dig in.

I will spare you the anticipation – you want it and you will never have greek yogurt again – it is that good! ItIMG_20160305_132207569_HDR-01 is velvety smooth, thick and soft like a cloud! When you open the container the smooth texture smiles at you as if to say : “Finally you have found me, now do with me as you please!” in a soft enchanting voice. With round little bumps of it sitting softly on the surface you do get the feeling that you are about to dig into a cloud, you almost don’t want to disturb it for fear you are going to destroy it. But when you do insert a spoon into it you realize there is no way to destroy this level of perfection, it’s that good!

Many people don’t like the plain flavour of yogurt for its tartness and that’s why they reach for the flavoured option, but this is about to change! This yogurt is so mild and sweet that you will not need to all the sugar loaded flavoured options! It’s a game changer! And it shows, the plain ones were all gone and the flavoured still on the shelves – if that’s not proof enough that you don’y need all the different versions of flavour, then I don’t know what would convince you. Now, if you do want to add a kick to an already marvellous flavour you certainly can. I do the following: 

Cloudy bubbles smiling at you and inviting you to have a taste.


Put your yogurt in a food processor and add the following:

1 scoop of your choice of BCAAs (I used Allmax pineapple and mango)
5-10 drops of liquid stevia
Couple of drops Pure Vanilla Extract
Couple of drops of Cream Cheese Extract
Couple of drops of Red Velvet Cake Extract for colour 
200g Light Philadelphia Cream Cheese (you can totally skip it, but it added more creaminess)

You can let your imagination be the boss and create all sorts of different flavours without any added crap. And you will have the satisfaction of knowing exactly what’s in your yogurt! 

Process on high, scrape the sides of your food processor couple of times and voilà!


How do I use this cream icing – I spread it on anything and everything! But mostly I use it for my overnight oats that I take to work for my breakfast!   



This is my daily breakfast – skyr with flavour added by yours truly, 30g of quick oats, 50g blueberries and 10g of Just Nuts peanut butter. The oats will soak up the moisture of the yogurt making them puff up and soften. Sometimes I will add some unsweetened almond milk if I want more of a runny consistency, but with this new product I was not sure yet if that was necessary and from the looks of it, it would not hurt to add 1/4 cup of some liquid.


You have seen this beauty before – I made this icing with Cottage Cheese, but you can just as well swap it for skyr! I swear it goes with just about anything that might need a bit of moisture!



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