Avoid it like the plague….? How about avoid it like garlic!

garlicI swore I would not write the ever so common post that people tend to write when they have been away from the blogosphere for a while. You know the one I’m talking about, it’s the post that starts with “It’s been a long time since I’ve written…” . But the longer I drag my feet to actually write again, the more it seems like I need to point out it has been a very long time. So, here I am. There is no avoiding the fact that I have not been inspired for quite a while. No, scratch that, I have had a lot of inspiration, a lot of food happening all the time in my kitchen. What’s missing is the time and the frame of mind to actually start at it again. So, I promised myself that this week was going to be the week of writing, because I’m off on vacation and I have reserved this time to utter bliss. No plans were made, just gym, blog and of course food. But somehow I’m more than half way done with my mini-vacation and you guessed it, this is the first day I’m feeling like something might actually happen. Darn you, life!

Once you’ve been away for this long, it’s like the proverbial plague…. only…. I have a picture of this gorgeous garlic I picked up the other day at a grocery store, so I’m going to change the proverb and say I’ve been avoiding writing like garlic. You know you love it in your dishes, it gives your creations this pungent flavour. You love the taste, but you don’t so much look forward to prepping your garlic, do you? I’ve been told there is a trick to not stinking like raw garlic after handling it. Apparently, you need to take out the very core of each clove and then chop, grate or whatever you intend to do with it. I tried it once, only to find out that:
1. That’s where the most of the flavour is.
2. You still end up stinking up your fingers.

So I decided it’s not worth it. I’m eating the whole thing! But I still dilly-dally. I set my garlic aside because down deep I don’t really want to deal with it. And it’s not just the stink, let’s not forget about the skin!! I’ve tried many things to get it off quickly and painlessly, but there is no way around it. Don’t get fooled by the array of garlic gadgets! I’ve tried them all, they don’t work! I tried the rubber tube – you’re still left with a mess to clean, I tried the jar tumbler – you still need to use the old trusty fingernail to get all the skin off.

There is no way around it! If you want to enjoy the flavour of garlic you simply have to suck it upgarlic3 buttercup! You have to find a way that’s least difficult for you to prep your garlic and enjoy the process of creating, integrating and intertwining the flavour into your cooking. It’s well worth it, the stink and the mess. So here is to garlic! Embrace it! And remember, garlic is quite forgiving in that it doesn’t have to be perfectly peeled and chopped, because once it’s cooked its beauty is in the flavour not in its appearance! So how about roasting it?! Just cut the tops off, smudge some coconut oil, sprinkle some salt and pepper and pop it in the over for slow and steady roasting. You’ll be so happy you did, because even though you’ll still have the laborious task of removing the meat of the garlic from their skins,  you’ll end up with a fresh batch of lovely roasted garlic that you’ll reach to every time you want to add flavour to your dishes. Yes, writing is a lot like garlic…. 

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