Chewy and Crunchy Energy Bar

I hear people talk about “everything in moderation is OK”, “as long as you keep things in moderation you’re OK” etc. etc. And I always wonder “Are these people who practice moderation really able to stick to it?” I know that for me “everything in moderation” does not work, because I simply do not do moderation, I do full on or nothing. Ask anybody who knows me, when I dive into something I dive head on with no breaks. I know that this approach is probably not ideal, but then on the other hand I find the statement “EVERYTHING in moderation” a bit of a stretch as well. In my mind it can’t apply to everything in life. For example (and I’m pretty sure this argument has been made before), how about drugs in moderation? How about stealing in moderation, killing and lying? etc. etc. You get my point. It seems like it only applies to semi-bad things, like eating a candy bar or a burger or drinking alcohol. Those things are supposed to be OK in moderation, but I ask again: who does this moderation? Because everyone I’ve ever heard say it did not look like moderation came easy to them.

Don’t get me wrong, I wish I could do it, but I know I can’t. I’ve tried it. I’ve tried limiting the badness to a reasonable amount, but it has never worked and as long as I allowed myself the vice in moderation and the vice of choice was in front of me I consumed it. So, what’s my solution? I like the idea of single servings. Go to a bakery and get one piece of pastry, as opposed to a bag of cookies that is going to be tempting you all night. But that’s about it. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t like the idea of depravation. People think I am depriving myself of food, but ask my family and they will tell you I’m far from depravation. You won’t see me indulge every day but once a month I have my day when I treat myself and that keeps me sane. Other than that I stick to my macros.

Now, I did make, what I call, a treat. It might not be a treat in other people’s books but at 28g of carbs per serving in my books it is more than a treat. Obviously, I didn’t make just one according to my one serving at a time kind of moderation philosophy. What I did instead was to make a whole batch and share it with my work colleagues.  Yup, that’s exactly what I did. I shared some with Randy, brought enough to work for everybody and all of a sudden I only had 2 left, which I’m going to eat tomorrow pre-workout and for a snack during the day. That’s my kind of moderation, I suppose. And I said I didn’t practice moderation! Fooled ya! 😛 

It’s not always that you are able to get the chewy and the crunchy quality in an energy bar, but I think I got it in this little beauty!      



Put everything in a medium size bowl and integrate with your hands. You will need to add some water, about 1/8 of a cup for the mass to become a gooey mixture. Once everything mixed together transfer in to a pyrex dish lined with parchment paper and mould with your fingers to flatten the surface. Pop in the oven at 400F for 15-20 minutes. Once cooled cut into desired size squares. I was told they might be better in a longer rectangular size. 

MACROS per serving out of 12:

Cal: 189, fat:9g, carbs:28g (fibre 12g), protein:6g



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