I will admit I haven’t been very present in my kitchen all summer – hence not much food related content on this blog. Somehow, while transitioning to a plant-based diet (yes, I feel I can openly admit that I am eating plants only) I find I don’t need to spend half as much time in the kitchen as I used to when eating animal products. The truth be told there is not much cooking necessary when eating plants and the cooking that does happen is of the quick and dirty variety. Mind you, one can certainly spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking on this WOE, but during the summer I mostly opt for raw foods, such as big-ass salads and such. My cooking has been limited to marinating my tofu/tempeh, throwing it together with sweet potatoes into the oven to bake. Later I’d integrate those with some raw vegetables and pour over some salad dressing and voilà my meals in a nutshell. It really doesn’t have to be more complicated than that – however, my work peeps still ask me every single time I eat at my desk what it is that I am consuming, with just as much interest and awe as when I spent hours upon hours in the kitchen:). So what have I been doing if I am no longer devoting as much time to cooking as I used to?

I’ve revived my passion for biking and am taking every possible opportunity to put on the mileage. It’s usually very uncomplicated: I hop on the bike and start along route 60 or what some like to call it “the old way”. Other times I try to plan it out a bit more and have a route in mind, but to be perfectly honest I am not much of a planner – I have to do these things on a spur of a moment basis, otherwise I’ll start analysing the activity too much and what ends up happening is I scrap the activity in favour of some productivity in the kitchen/house. Also, I hate to make a big production of something that is just supposed to make me move – getting out on a bike shouldn’t feel like I’m planning a wedding or some other time and resource consuming activity.  It’s a bloody #bikeride, not a life-changing undertaking 😉

Yes, you could say that biking is to blame for the lack of fancy meals and right now I am OK with that – there is only so much time left before the weather turns bitter cold, making it unsuitable for biking…

You know that every ride I take I snap as much as I possibly can.

This restaurant always has its parking lot blocked around supper time. I’ve only eaten there once, in another life, but what I do remember about it is that the baked potato dish that they served was to die for. I don’t remember much else, but that mashed potato was splendid. I remember when I first came to Canada about 17 years ago I was taken aback by all the utility poles still above ground. I was used to them being buried underground, but not so much in Newfoundland. Later I found that to bury them underground wouldn’t be very feasible here where we pretty much sit on a rock.


This was my first ever fall on my bike – I was warned that it might happen with clip-in shoes, but I was very careful up to this point. I spent a good deal of time learning how to clip-in and clip-out my shoes having my bike held for me. Every ride I made damn sure that when I anticipated a stop that foot would be out of the pedal long before my stop. In a way, I did get a bit overconfident. I thought I got it down pat, but I was wrong. Especially after having trekked through the woods in my clip-in shoes to get through a path to the highway one day. On that day I almost fell down but saved myself by unclipping my non-dominant foot just in time. The next ride I took I thought my cleats were clean and ready for more cycling but did not account for the fact that all this banging, cleaning and unclipping might have shifted the placement of my cleat on the shoe and now releasing it by twisting my foot outwards was no longer feasible. No matter how much I twisted my foot it wasn’t enough and my left foot didn’t unclip in time to save me from a fall this time. The fall was pretty gentle, but quite embarrassing, right in the middle of traffic. Turns out I have to twist inward now to unclip. Definetly a learning point in my cycling adventures 🙂

When I bike I tend to go-go-go, but I recognize the opportunity to stop and appreciate the scenery.

This hill used to give me a hard time – it is such a drawn out hill when going uphill. Don’t get me wrong, the hills are what makes this place much more challenging for a cyclist and that’s a good thing! What would a bike ride be if there were no hills? It’d be no more challenging than walking but add hills and all of a sudden you have an activity that’s building your muscles while also elevating your heart rate to burn off the crazy 😉 This stretch I am referring to goes from Topsail Rotary Park to Sobey’s in Paradise and according to google maps is about 4km. Here is what’s super awesome about cardiovascular activity (or really anything that you put your mind to) – practice makes perfect! A month ago I used to have to take 3 breaks on this stretch going uphill. Now I take none both ways! 4 km of steady uphill with no breaks feels just as exhilarating for some reason as turning around and picking up the speed downhill!


This is what Newfoundlanders call a beach – it will do, but I’m always scoffing at the idea of a rocky beach, having grown up being spoiled with sandy beaches 🙂

I swear these are going to be my proudest body part come next summer! I’ve been working on those wheels 4 times as hard as I used to prior to my shoulder injury that they have to come out on top no matter what!


Took a relaxing moment before getting inside – my legs always get a beating during my rides. Somehow they always end up dirty as if though I was crawling and down on all fours – I swear I’m actually biking 😉


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