Deadman’s Bay Hike fueled by fat

I’m proud to say that I’ve been making a conscious effort to include myself on our weekend’s hikes and this past Sunday I finally figured out a way to not let unaccomplished tasks ruin my enjoyment of the hike. You know the saying “If you want it done, do it yourself”? Not that I ever wait for anybody else do my shit, but when I woke up at 5AM to head out to the gym to get my dose of endorphins prior to the hike it suddenly dawned on me that going to train at the gym will not get my shit done (d’oh) – what will is actually dong it. So I decided to yet again skip the gym (Jeez I have to stop the skipping or I’m going to lose all my muscle mass – JK) and instead get my food ready for the coming week. By the time I was done – at about 8AM – I was in a great spirits and was actually looking forward to some leg exercise on the trail – funny how it works sometimes. 

I was somewhat disappointed when I heard from my partner that we might not go out after all because there doesn’t seem to be much sun outside. Let me elaborate: he has done this trail many times before, so for him to go on any trail he’s visited before the weather must be splendid because it’s an opportunity for photography. With an overcast sky it seemed like pictures might come out only mediocre. So when I heard him say it might not happen, at first I felt bummed out, thinking that now I wouldn’t get any exercise in at all that day. But my mind works in mysterious ways and can quickly switch gears – I immediately started planning all the things that needed my attention and I was quickly off in the land of cookery and blog writing…. That was short lived because within an hour the sky cleared up just enough for us to decide to head out anyway, plus he needed my help with the custodian report. So just like that we decided to go. 

I will admit that I can’t fully take credit for the pictures I’m taking on our outings. Yes, I frame them, I shoot them and I edit them, but when it comes to finding a good shot is not always my own doing. You see, if you are hiking with another person and that person stops to take a picture a natural thing for you to do is to whip out your camera and shoot at the same time… Because otherwise you’re just standing there and waiting like a dummy 😉 So as a result we both end up with similar shots which seems to annoy the initial picture taker. What can I say…




It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else, will affect its successful outcome. ~ William James



I feel like I keep repeating myself, but a picture of a landscape without some interesting clouds is never going to have as much of an effect on the viewer as one with a bit of a wave in the sky. Now, you don’t want a completely covered sky, just a bit of sun peeking through.
We are about to be hit by the remnants of the most recent hurricane Matthew and I am quite worried that the wind might take down all the pretty fall leaves of the trees. It would be a shame because I have just started taking pictures of the fall colours and was hoping for a few more outings…
All I can say is that I didn’t eat it 🙂



I found these bushes quite interesting to shoot – I spent a while trying to capture their colours.   




By this time the sky was so overcast that no matter what I did to edit the picture I was not able to bring any life to the sky 🙁


You might be wondering about the mysterious title of this post, so let me explain as none of my posts would be complete without some food talk. As I have mentioned before I have been running a small experiment on my body – I’m trying to become fat-adapted. In a nutshell it’s a WOE that involves lowering the carbohydrate intake to about 50g total and 30g net. This means that one has to derive energy from fat, so fat intake increases to make up for the missing carbohydrates. This in turn makes the body utilize fat as a source of energy – however the process does not happen overnight and requires a strict adherence to one’s diet. It takes on average about a month for the body to create ketons as a result of reducing the amount of carbohydrates and those ketons are then utilized for running the body. Why am I trying to do all this? Well, it turns out that fat adapted body will burn body fat more efficiently than a body that runs on carbs and don’t we all want to get rid of some jiggle from our frames? 

So, at about 8AM I had a fat hearty breakfast that consisted of 2 eggs, 50g of ground lamb, 120g Keto Buns that I made into a loaf and some low carb veggies: 15g carbs, 25g fat and 33g protein and it looked like this: 



The slice you see to your left is not a conventional type of bread. It was made with almond flour, ground flax seed, coconut flour and psyllium husk powder. This makes it a high fat bread that will not raise your insulin levels in response to carbohydrate intake.  


We then went out at about 11AM and hiked close to 10KM. All throughout the hike I did not feel that I needed to stop for a snack in order to keep going. In fact, only after arriving home at about 3PM did I feel like I could eat again. Why I am saying this? Well, like I mentioned above, fat-adapted people are able to utilize the already present source of fuel – body fat. So what that means is that when exerting yourself the body turns to available fuel source instead of making you feel weak – you certainly know the “hitting the wall” feeling when you run out of steam and just have to eat. Well, I did not get that feeling even though I spent a span of 7 hours without food. This is quite liberating if you ask me and on top of that – if this is what’s happening – I’m getting rid of the jiggle without the hunger pangs! I don’t know about you but I’m willing to limit the chew factor if I’m getting two birds killed with one stone :). 


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