Eggplant Egg Muffin

Baked sliced eggplant sprinkled with parmesan cheese, salt, pepper and smoked paprika.

Most days workweek breakfasts are very quick and dirty: boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, cream of rice or oats made the day before or on a fast day no breakfast at all. But today was different. Today I thought “What the heck, I have the time and the food, and I want to eat with my eyes first, let’s get creative and make this breakfast a bomb.” So Instead of the above, I made myself an Eggplant Egg Muffin and it was truly amazing.

Now, the fact that I’ve had the Eggplant already made the night before certainly helped, because all I did this morning was to fry up an egg and assemble the thing. And the Eggplant was simple as pie. I cut it up in 1/2 inch think slices, laid the slices out on a cookie sheet, brushed it with melted coconut oil and sprinkled with spices and grated parmesan cheese. And we are talking not a whole lot of cheese, just a bit of a taste, nothing overwhelming. As for spices, I’m always a proponent of creativity, but for this batch I used Pink Himalayan salt (because that’s what I got in my spice rack), pepper and smoked paprika. But as always you can let your creative juices take over here and run with it. I then popped it in the oven at 415F for about 30-45 minutes. Note, you have to watch it, because they burn easily and depending on the oven, you might have to lower the temperature – my oven seems to perform better at about 400F rather than the typical 350F. You got to know your oven. And voilà, you have a tasty side dish that you can reheat the next day or use it in your Eggplant Egg Muffin 🙂

I’d be lying if I said this was it for the pre-prepared ingredients (of which I seem to be the queen around my household). You are probably spotting something resembling ground meat and you would be right. The typical Egg Muffin (somebody correct me if I’m wrong, not from around here after all) would sport some sort of deli meat and I usually don’t touch deli meats with a ten foot pole, let alone eat it (maybe more about this some other time). So I substituted deli meat for ground veal since I always have a batch of ground veal cooked kicking around in my fridge. I marinate it with some walnut oil, dijon mustard, herbs and spices and brown it in some coconut oil and put it in a container for whenever I need it.

So this is pretty much it. I layered the eggplant, which acts as a bun with fried egg, spinach, ground veal, slice of tomato, couple of slices of cucumber, 10g of mozzarella cheese, sprinkled with fresh chives for a little heaven in my mouth 😛 If you’re thinking “what about sauce or mayo or something?!” Let me tell you that this thing is so moist that there is no need for any sauce. 

IMG_20141118_050104~2 IMG_20141118_050132~2IMG_20141118_050205~2 IMG_20141118_050425~2

Here are some macros for the whole thing without tomato and cucumber, mostly because they have negligible energy. And may I just say that this breakfast was quite filling and satisfying. In fact whenever I do consume a higher fat meal, I feel satiated for longer than if I ate an oatmeal breakfast. I had this at 5AM and did not feel the need to eat again until 9:30AM and even then I was not starved. 

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 5.38.47 PM


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