Farm to Table


We have all heard complains about the price of produce – it’s been even in the news for crying out loud. The infamous price of cauliflower has been making rounds over and over. Now, granted there are some valid stories about prices of food in the rural areas of the north – I won’t dispute them. However, if you live in the metro area of St. John’s, Newfoundland there is no reason that you should complain about the price of produce, its availability or quality – you just have to know where to find it and not settle for less.

It’s been a tradition of ours to drive up and down Route 60 to visit local farmers to get the best quality of produce at fraction of the cost our local grocery store sells it. May I just add that the local Sobeys and Dominion are proudly sourcing a section of their produce from those same farmers and charging the client sometimes twice the price of what you pay to the farmer. I digress, I will instead show you how farmer’s produce is better than the regular store bought stuff .

There it is, the Butler’s farm located just west of Legion Road on Route 60 – go visit next time you run out of your vegetables and you won’t be disappointed. If you drive down Route 60, you will find many more stands selling their goods.

So let me show you what I bought last weekend from our local farmers and compare it to the regular stuff you would usually get at Dominion and how the prices compare:

Vegetable Farm price Dominion price
Zucchini $2.50 $8.04
Onions $2.00 $2.00
Parsnips $2.00 $3.49
Beets $2.50 $3.99
Carrots $2.50 $2.99

Total Farmer’s price : $11.50
Total Dominion’s price : $20.51

Shopping for these at Dominion you will pay 78% more than at the Farmer’s stand! Some items are comparable, but the total speaks for itself. Even if you take away the most expensive item, which is zucchini, you are still going to pay 38.5% more at Dominion. So, the choice is yours – go in and out of Dominion in 30 minutes flat and pay through the roof, or make a date out of it with your spouse and go visit your local farmers along Route 60. To me the choice is simple: not only am I getting quality, non-certified organic produce from the farmer at a great price, I am also supporting local economy and to top that off I’m spending quality time with a loved one. What could be better than that?

How beautiful are these? Way more beautiful and more nutritious than the GMO stuff your Dominion is selling you!

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