Faux-Mashed Potatoes


Growing up a dinner had to contain a starch and some meat. faux mashed potatoes2It was a given in Poland. And strangely enough the starch was always a potato, most times a boiled potato. Peeled and thrown in some salted water my mother would serve it either with some pan sauce which most times was some grease from the meat, or other times she’d make a gravy, depending what kind of meat was on the stove. But that was it. We hardly ever had a generous serving of side veggies. Mostly cucumbers in cream, shredded cabbage (coleslaw style), sometimes green beans if they were in season. And that was pretty much it. I can distinctly remember the importance that my mother put on eating the potatoes. I can still hear her say “Eat your potatoes! You will be hungry quicker if you just eat the meat!” Funny how strange that statement feels now. Yes, you can fill up on potatoes, but the truth of the matter is that it’s the protein that will keep you satiated longer. The white potato is quickly digested and you will only crave more. In any case, my take on it is clearly different than my mother’s and even though I don’t totally condemn the white potato, quite the contrary I do enjoy it once in a while, I also recognize that sometimes one might not want to or be able to eat it. For those times I like to swap it for a delicious and nutritious faux-mashed potatoes made with cauliflower instead of potatoes. 


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