Food prep

Have you heard the expression “Fail to plan, plan to fail”? A quick google search will reveal that it is a restating of Benjamin Franklin’s “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Who would have thought that all those weekends I have been following old Ben’s advice! Oh yes, every weekend for as long as I can remember I have been prepping my week’s worth of food and every time I mention it to anybody they roll their eyes at me with disbelief and I think “How can you not?”

The biggest excuse people give for not cooking their own food is that they don’t have time to cook. I ask, trying not to sound preachy : “And what are you doing that is so much more important than taking care of yourself?” I get it, we all have 9-5 jobs, we all have families to tend to, but part of it is also feeding them. When you get really honest with yourself you will realize that you have all sorts of time that you are using on other things that are not as important as your health. For example, how many hours do you spend watching TV, playing with your phone, browsing the net, spying on your ex on FB, playing computer games (oh yes!) or just doing nothing in particular? I dare say a lot. I know because I do too. And it’s true, sometimes you just want to relax, I do too. But when you think of it, prepping some food does not take that much energy. Let’s take my own food prep this weekend to analyze how much time and energy went into it. Now, I’m only showing you the meat prep and I also did some veg prep, but I can’t seem to make the veggies glamorous enough for the blog 😉

Here is some red meat waiting for for the spices to start marinating.


white and red
This is so easy and so quick that it is a no brainer for me why I’d opt for prepping my meat on the weekend. I usually have a stash of frozen chicken breasts in the freezer, because I buy in bulk when they go on sale. I have never ever paid full price for chicken breasts. I take them out the night before, leave on on counter to defrost and the next day I cut them in pieces, cut away the fat and voilà! Easy peasy!


Ready to mix in some flavours!


It really takes maximum 15 minutes to get all this assembled. And the sky is the limit. There is no set rule, not in my books anyway, to flavouring your food. I do like rosemary in my red meat, but other than that anything goes. Oh, and don’t forget the liquid smoke, when you reheat your food in the microwave at work people will be asking if you are eating bacon!


To the chicken I added some parsley, liquid smoke and sumac, aside from the obvious salt and pepper. Sumac is a spice that has lemon tones, very fragrant but mild.


Minced meat I like to sautée in the pan, that way I can scoop out some fat and it’s very versatile once cooked. However, I will simply divide it into 5 portions and have it for my lunch with some veggies and caramelized onions and mushrooms. No, I most certainly do not mind having the same lunch for 5 days! If it’s good, and it is, I can eat it multiple times a day!


Voilà chicken is ready too! I wrapped 5 portions in aluminium foil and popped it in the oven for about 30 minutes. I love utilizing the oven like that, because that time can be spent doing other thing! No need to stand and watch your food, just set your timer and move on!


Here is a quick video that probably took some of my productive time that I could have spent prepping more food, but hey, I didn’t say you can’t have fun while putting your food together 😉 

I thoroughly enjoy my weekends in the kitchen! I didn’t used to, but when I understood the relationship between food and health, I quickly abandoned my old feminist convictions and got over the stigma of stereotypes.  This meat prep, which also included some veggie prep not pictured, took at the most 45-60 minutes. Now, I don’t consider this to be an awful long time and I even had moments to spare to check FB, IG and Twitter 😉


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