Healthy Snacks – review

It’s hip to be on the healthy eating band wagon these days, but what it often times means is buying products that really are just junk disguised as healthy alternatives. Let me explain if you don’t already know what I am about to say. You have surely heard of everybody going on about protein bars, as opposed to candy bars. It has become widely accepted that protein bars are better for you than regular candy bars because of all this protein they contain. Protein – good for you, sugar – no good for you. In principle, yes I would tend to agree, but sticking the word protein on a bar and a bunch of cheaply made whey protein in the bar is not going to make it any more healthy than a candy bar. Heck, many times they are even worse than a regular candy bar. You don’t believe me? Watch!

In my most recent order from SVN I was offered a free gift – they always have this option and mostly there isn’t anything I am particularly interested in, but this time I thought, what the heck it’s free, so I picked a protein bar. Well, let me tell you something, there is a reason why it’s free, it’s because nobody is buying it and why is it that nobody is buying it? Keep reading…

So the protein bar in question is the Muscle MaXX White Chocolate Peanut Butter – sounds delicious, doesn’t it? I picked it thinking I might have it for a cheat meal sometimes, but when it got here and I actually looked at the macros and the ingredient list and I thought to myself : “Sure as hell I will never put this garbage in my mouth!” And I tucked it away. Big, big mistake. I should have ditched it in the garbage and never looked back. But I kept it. I guess the fat kid in me did not want to let go of it that quick. So, what is wrong with the ingredients in this thing? They are not any different or better than the ingredients on a Snickers bar, I would go as far as to say that they are worse. Let me present to you the comparison of the 2 bars in terms of their nutritional value and the things they are made out of. First Muscle MaXX:



Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 10.49.07 AMScreen Shot 2016-07-09 at 6.23.12 PM

So in the spirit of transparency and not assuming any knowledge on the part of the reader, here is what’s wrong with the ingredients of this bar: 

  1. It contains Hydrogenated Cottonseed and Rapeseed Oil – the word hydrogenated refers to the fat that is man made that is extremely bad for you (now they don’t list it as trans fat which I am not sure how they get around that). When you look at the labels and you see oils that have been hydrogenated, put it away. 
  2. TBHQ is a preservative, meh – stuff that extends the shelf life of packaged foods – you won’t need to consume it if you make your own, because home made stuff does not need to sit on a shelf, you’ll eat it before it goes bad. 
  3. Graham Crackers get their own parenthesized list of ingredients and oh boy is it reminiscent of a cookie! That’s because it is a type of cookie. Here you get all the sugars your heart desires starting at sugar itself, high-fructose corn syrup and molasses, as if just sugar wasn’t enough, LOL. You also get a good dose of the hydrogenated stuff, this time only partially hydrogenated, but don’t let this fool you, it’s just as bad.  
  4. Coating is composed of some more sugar, some more hydrogenated stuff, some synthetic wax by the name of Sorbitan Monostearate (I’m not going to argue its harmful effects, but if you are following me you understand that I’m advocating minimally processed foods and this bar went through hell to be manufactured) and Polysorbate 60 which is another type of emulsifier that I’d rather not eat, but did I? 

So here you have it, a pretty nasty list of ingredients that should not be in anything that bears any claims of health and wellness benefits. Now, the bar does not imply that it is good for you, but it is sold by a company whose website is plastered with ripped bodies so it implies this stuff is OK to eat if you want a six pack – after all it is a MUSCLE MAXX bar, so muscles are in your future if you eat it, right? Well, all that’s in your future is fat from eating this bar. It is a candy bar, not a protein bar – now that I think of it I’m not even sure where all this 13g of protein is coming from. After all, peanuts are predominantly a fat source. Muscle Maxx also claims that the bar is highly addictive and that part I thought they actually got right, after all it is full of sugar. 

On to show you ingredients of a popular brand of candy bars, namely Snickers bar:

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 10.46.55 AMScreen Shot 2016-07-08 at 10.46.34 AM

These were taken straight from the Snickers website and my first thought when I saw the macronutrient breakdown was that it is so extremely hard to read! So I found a better picture from the website that presents the macros.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 10.47.34 AM

What you will notice right away is that the macros are very similar to those of the Muscle Maxx (MM). Calories are higher for MM by 40, fat is higher for MM by 4g, carbs are higher for Snickers by 8g and Protein, which is the good stuff is higher for MM by 9g. So, all in all pretty similar. 

Now, for ingredients, also very similar: tons of sugar (but we would not be surprised by that, this is a candy bar after all), corn syrup and also a good dose of hydrogenated stuff. So right to the point with the bad stuff as much as the Healthy version. I do have to say though the list seems somewhat shorter than the MM which is always a good sign, however in this case not so much – pretty much everything on the list is bad.  

Now back to MM and why I should have ditched it in the garbage – yes, you probably guessed by now I did consume part of it. Why only part of it? Because it was truly the worst thing I have ever put in my mouth. The graham cracker, which contained in the middle a softer mushier part, was just that, nothing wrong with the taste of a graham cracker, the coating though really tasted like wax. The really bad part was in between the two crackers – it tasted like mushy cardboard. It was not even that sweet, so I’m sort of wondering about all the different sugars… All in all I understand why SVN is giving them away – anybody who has ever tried them will never pay a cent for these bars and people who haven’t tried them know better by looking at what’s in the bar and are also not buying them. So SVN needs to get rid of them before the expiration date, so they are giving them away for free! Don’t get fooled. Might as well get a Snickers Bar, at least you won’t feel like you are eating cardboard, you won’t be pretending you are doing something good for your body and on top of that you will actually enjoy the bloody candy bar 🙂 


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