March is a Nutrition Month – Part 2

So remember my Part 1 post about “ditching the gym” and concentrating your efforts on food choices? Well, the food industry, the one that’s selling you the food that packs on the pounds, is trying to convince you to do just the opposite. They are promoting the idea that in order to lose weight you just simply need to exercise more and you’ll lose the weight. Well, I say : “This gives my argument so much more power!”

It’s called Leanwashing and it’s bad. In a nutshell the junk food is being used in advertisements to promote physical activity. So for example you should exercise to reward yourself with some candy:

“In this ad from the summer of 2014, Coke set up an elaborate machine that required people to burn off 140 calories — the amount in a bottle of Coke — in order to get a free Coke.”





Do you, as I do, see a problem with such a message? If you exercise in order to afford the right to put the burnt calories back into your trunk you will never, ever lose the weight that you are supposedly trying to get rid of by exercising! What happens instead is you are making sure that companies such as Coca Cola never go out of business, because your exercise is fuelling their profits! But from the junk food company’s perspective this all makes sense, because they are not in the business of making you healthy! They are in the business of making money, period. Nothing else matters to them. So why on earth should we listen to them to tell us what the best way to become healthy is?

“Thanks to leanwashing, research indicates that about half of us incorrectly identify lack of exercise as the main cause of obesity. Worse still, those who believe this are significantly more likely to be overweight.”

And here you have it! Advertisements on TV that we (and our susceptible children) are being fed by the food industry are convincing us (the consumer) that the sole reason we are overweight is due to the lack of exercise! Do you see a problem with this? I hope you do. And I hope you either turn off the TV, or tell your children otherwise. I vote for the former. Turn it off and cook some food for your loved ones, because that’s the only way we are going to make a difference. I’m not naive to the point that I hope all junk food is going to disappear. I know this is never going to happen. But I do hope that the consumers as an intelligent group of thinking adults will make a difference in our individual selves. Yes, as sad as it sounds I lost my hope in the collective, protective powers to make a change for us. I think there is too much corruption, greed and strong influence for this to happen. So it’s up to us, the individual to take charge and understand that just as we feel the need to know what’s in the air we breathe or in the water we drink, we should also be concerned with knowing and understanding what goes in to our food. And what better way to know that than to put it together ourselves? Don’t depend on trusting that the food industry has your best interest in mind and that they would not feed you something that’s making you sick. Make sure yourself. Concentrate your efforts on your food choices rather than follow Food Industry’s prescription of increased physical activity as the only means to a healthier, smaller you.

To be continued… 


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