Mondays will never be the same again!

Today started surprisingly well, for a Monday, that is. I ran into the kitchen announcing a Tweet from Food Bloggers of Canada that welcomed me, along with several other bloggers, into the directory. I should probably mention that I had applied for their consideration the night before, fully expecting to be rejected. Don’t ask. I won’t tell 😉

As I was running into the kitchen with this announcement on my lips, I was convincing myself in my head that this is no big deal and it means absolutely nothing. Then, I promptly checked my email looking for the confirmation of this wonderful tweet, all along thinking: “Well, if they’re accepting people like me, then their criteria can’t be that stringent…” And lo and behold, the email confirmation was there along with couple of extras, like a link to a Private Facebook Forum and some other resource links. You know you are at the end of your rope when…. But in all honestly, I’ve been feeling rather stagnant about this blog, with little or no motivation to post… Until today!

So as I was contemplating this new found resource / community / forum I made this delicious breakfast. Food has been pretty low on the carb side lately due to my sickness that has prevented me from hitting the weight room. Today, I decided, was going to be the day I break this trend and I made a bowl of maple syrup cream of rice topped with peanut butter and berries. 

IMG_20151228_114047463_HDRIMG_20151228_114205846_HDRUpon return from the gym I had all the good intentions of following with a nice kale, pomegranate and shrimp salad. Oh, and I did make it. It was very tasty, but somehow very unsatisfying, so I cracked open a bottle of blueberry wine that mysteriously appeared on the table when I was out working on my back (and by that I mean work out at the gym and the primary muscle I worked on was my back – thought I might make that clear 😉 ). And as a result of the wine dulling my inhibitions, I just polished off a box of Belgian chocolates. So, a nice kale salad turned into some chocolate indulgence – that somehow is being justified in my mind by the fact that I did hit some PRs in the gym – so the glycogen in my muscles has to be replenished.   

IMG_20151228_163356434_HDRIMG_20151228_163345707_HDR So, all in all it was a good day – maybe next time Monday rolls in I won’t be expecting the worst! 

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