Not your ordinary cream of rice

chocolate on chocolate cream of riceWhen thinking what story to write that leads into my recipes I can’t help but to search for them in my childhood. This one isn’t any different:

As a child I absolutely abhorred hot cereals! My mother never made them and my only experience of them was cold, tasteless, gooey, unappealing bowls of stuff that I didn’t want to touch with a 10 foot spoon, but which were placed in front of me on various school field trips. I would simply go hungry on those occasions rather than eat them. They made me gag. Other times, I remember my grandmother making me eat a bowl of cream of wheat. I’d eat it with tears rolling down my cheeks, trying to hold it down. It was real torture for me. In my defence though, the cream of wheat that my grandmother made was devoid of taste, not even a tiny bit of maple syrup or fruit was added.

It’s been a while since that time and I’ve seen enough pictures of very appetizing hot cereal meals that I have finally given it a try. I started slow with steal cut oats at first to make sure there was some sort of texture. When it went surprisingly well I realized that my fear of hot cereal could be conquered with the right kind of flavour. Then, I tried overnight oats, which really don’t qualify as hot cereal since they are not cooked at all, but still acquire the same texture as cooked oats. And most recently I have seen a meal of cream of rice and thought to myself that I must give it a try. And it’s a winner! Hands down the best bowl of hot cereal I’ve ever tasted!!

Ingredient-wise, it’s not your ordinary cream of rice. Finding the cream of rice is not easy and the only one I’ve been able to get my hands on locally is the Creamy brown rice farina by Bob’s Red Mill. As often is the case, not all Dominion or Sobey’s sores carry it, so every time I run out it’s a little caper to find it. As for the Optimum Nutrition Casein Protein Powder I usually get a 4lb tub on Amazon because it’s half the price of what you get in town. Now as for the topping it’s just a powdered form of peanut butter that needs water added to make it the same consistency as regular peanut butter. Why powdered? Well, to be honest I love my nut butters but they can add up in calories when eaten with no restraint. In powdered form they come in at a lesser cost to your nutrition budget since they are reduced fat. Now, there is another cost that needs to be taken into consideration and it’s the fact that in order to preserve the taste a negligible amount of sugar was added (remember my post about the movie “Fed up”? Well here you have it in action). So as long as you know the reduced fat content does not mean free-for-all, you are good.

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