Protein Pancakes

I’ve been craving pancakes big time lately, but I’ve been eating a lot of starches and don’t really want the added carbs that most pancakes offer. So I’ve come up with an easy low carb, high protein version to fulfill my craving. It does have a slightly different texture, but tastes just as well or even better than a conventional pancake. It won’t break you carb budget and will definitely hike up your protein, which is fantastic because it will keep you feeling fuller for longer  🙂

Protein Pancake

by Angelika Thomas

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 5-10 minutes

Ingredients (7-8 small pancakes)

    For the Pancake

    • 8 egg whites
    • 1 scoop ON casein protein powder
    • 1 scoop Magnum serum
    • 1 scoop complx5
    • cinnamon
    • baking powder

    For the ToppingLiberty lactose free

    • 1 container of Lactose Free Liberty 0% Greek Yogurt
    • 2 scoops ON Creamy Vanilla Casein Powder
    • 1 scoop Magnum Serum
    • 1 serving Rainforest Nut Butter with Coconut


    Whip the egg whites in a food processor until you can form stiff peaks. Fold in all of the dry ingredients and turn the food processor on high until all the ingredients are well incorporated. You can add some water if you find the mixture too thick, if not you scoop out a tablespoonful of the mixture into a heated nonstick frying pan.

    Nutritional Data

    Servings: 2

    Cal per 1 serving: 150, Fat: 2.7g, Carbs: 4g, Protein: 26.9g

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