Roasted Garlic and Sweet Pepper Butternut Squash Soup

Remember my post about how to best get your Butternut Squash cleaned and ready for roasting? Well, I had an opportunity to put that life hack to work just yesterday when I was dutifully nursing my sore back. I could not stay put so I decided to switch things up a bit for supper and made a delicious hearty Butternut Squash soup. 

I’m not much into soups for a simple reason that I’ve never grew up eating a lot of different soups and my exposure to soup meals in North America has been limited to canned soup and that’s just gross! At home, mom, when she did make a soup she would start it from scratch, meaning she’d make her own stock for the soup and that’s very time consuming. Her soups were always very thick in consistency with lots of meat from whatever bones she would base her stock on. Somehow I’ve never picked up on that skill and never felt that interested in the process. It seemed so tedious just to have a bit of soup that wasn’t that filling in the end. But these days I know there are other ways. I’ve learned that you can pretty much turn any vegetable into a soup and for this one I did that with a couple of sweet peppers and of course a butternut squash.




1 roasted Butternut Squash (about 450g)
1 Red Onion
2 Sweet Peppers (preferably yellow to help maintain the orange colour)
1 head roasted garlic
2 cups of water or vegetable stock
salt an pepper to taste
Paprika Lemon and Lime by The Gourmet Collection
2 tsp Coconut Oil


1. Caramelize the Red Onion in the Coconut Oil
2. Add previously roasted Butternut Squash and Sweet Peppers into a pot of water or Vegetable Stock.
3. Add previously roasted head of garlic and any spices and herbs you might want. Mine are only a suggestion but they did work quite well.
4. Leave on medium heat for about 30-45 minutes then blend everything with a hand held blender until everything is nicely incorporated.
5. Serve hot.

For protein content I added 5oz of roasted Chicken Breast and toped it with a homemade spoonful of Guacamole and chopped green onions.IMG_20150122_154553~2                                                                                                                                     

I have to add that even Randy would not stop telling me how much he enjoyed the soup, it was this good. And mind you, I always think my food is good, but he will let me know if he is not big on something on the plate. Yet this one, he could not find one thing 😀 So I deem this a success! 


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