Nutrition Coaching

I fully realize that it’s not always easy to discern the good from the bad, it’s even more difficult to do so when our food is concerned. How can it be easy when the food companies themselves bluntly and shamelessly misinform the customers by putting misleading information on the packaging of our food!? How can it be easy when cheap, unhealthy food gets government support in the form of subsidies!? How can we not be lost and confused in a grocery store whose 90% of isles are laden with processed food?! And finally, how are we supposed to drive by every single fast food restaurant without stopping by for a quick bite when our lives are filled with work, families and responsibilities!?  

I understand that the food game is a very overwhelming one and not everybody knows how to play it. If you are that person and you are ready to learn to play it look no further, I’ll be glad to show you how to get you on the right track to health and better self-esteem. I offer non-judgemental and no-BS attitude. I will teach you how to make sense of the food out there, what works and what doesn’t. I will provide you with the tools to nurture and nourish yourself by offering the following:

  • Cooking Classes (group or one-on-one)
  • Wellness and Nutrition Guidance (a grocery haul)
  • Wellness and Nutrition Continuing Support (email and telephone support)

What you will not get by signing up with me is a ripped body. I will not promise you that at the end of this program you will be “shredded” with a 5% body fat, because that would be misleading, unattainable and somewhat unhealthy for most of us. You will learn how to go on your own in the big world and be confident and comfortable with your food choices. You will learn to nourish and fuel your body. You will eat with purpose as opposed to for comfort. 

Packages include 6-12-24 Week Nutrition Plans (custom plans available upon consultation). Payment Option via E-mail money transfer available.