Something New like Octopus or 2015

I have been neglecting the savoury aspect of my cooking way too much. You’d think that all I cook is sweets and treats but it is not so. The bulk of my cooking is, in fact, savoury cooking, but most times it happens so quickly in the late afternoons when usually the lighting isn’t so great, so pictures rarely happen and no content is available. But when I do have something unusual to cook I make sure that I snap a picture for later blogging.

How on earth did I get my hands on an Octopus? It is true that I am a creature of habit. Take, for example, this week long holiday vacation. I no longer know what day of the week it is. I switched up my bags to go to the gym (don’t need the huge bag when I don’t need to shower and change clothes after my workout) and forgot to transfer half the things I needed in my smaller bag. I like routine, I like predictable, I like a schedule. That’s just me. I guess it makes me feel secure. When things change unexpectedly I get confused and worried. Now, I’m realizing that New does not always have to be this way. New can mean positive and good. We tend to assume that if it’s something we have not tried before it must be bad tasting and awful. You often see people twist their faces in disgust before trying some unknown foods. They assume that since they have never tasted it before it must be awful. It’s especially true when travelling to distant countries where it’s most likely that you might encounter new foods. But these days we can pretty much experience any food here at home, no need to hop on a plane. And when those foods get discounted at the grocery store is when I grab them and with no regrets put my culinary powers to action. That’s how I got my hands on these beauties.

Since my motto as of late has been “I’ll try any food at least once in my life” here is my latest new food adventure: Lemon and Sriracha Octopus.

This was my first time with the Octopus in the kitchen and I have to say not the last one 🙂

For this one I did a simple quick marinade of salt, pepper, smoked paprika, lemon juice, sriracha, splash and grated lemon peel and seared it in a drizzle of coconut oil until lightly caramelized. The ideal treatment of this sea creature would have been to leave it marinating for at least a couple of hours, but time was of the essence, as it is every supper-time, so I had to do with minimal marinating time.

How was it? To me it was perfectly unexpected, which translates to: I will make it again and I will perfect my technique. This will, I think, become my New Year’s Resolution. There is no other option, unless, of course, it’s a total inedible flop. Then my motto will turn into: “I tried it, didn’t like it, let’s not waste anymore precious time on it”. And with that thought I invite you to try something new every once in a while, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Happy New Year!

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