Sunday Pancakes

It’s becoming a bit of a tradition that lunch time on Sunday means we’re eating pancakes. I’ve been on the protein pancakes wagon for a while now and have to say that it’s quite difficult to be creative when you try to eliminate completely one macronutrient. And I’m referring to carbohydrates, hence protein pancake wagon.

Somehow, even in my household carbs have been shunned as the unnecessary evil. I’ve learned to limit them in order to lean out. It’s not rocket science. It works. But you can only sustain this for so long until your body demands them to run. You can turn to fat and protein only and eventually adapt to it by running your body on fat, but why would you? Why deprive yourself of the yumminess of carbohydrates? And mind you, I’m not referring here to simple sugars (yes those are yummy too). I’m talking complex carbs like oats, brown rice, sweet potatoes etc. They are used by your body and brain for energy and they taste heavenly. 

These days there seems to be an opposite movement happening out there – a movement back to carbohydrates. There is of course the IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) that seems to have started it all. People who follow IIFYM regard carbs as the necessary goodness in gaining strength and building muscle, but they disregard the quality of said carbs and all macronutrients and micronutrients. As long as it adds up to their macros, it’s all good. But aside from the IIFYM crowd there is also more of a main stream crowd of bodybuilders and gym goes who seem to be promoting more than before the importance of carbohydrate consumption to build strong, healthy physiques. It’s not anything new, it’s always been common knowledge that protein (re)builds muscle and carbs give your muscles energy necessary to lift heavy weights. It just seems so much more prominent out there these days, with people advertising their macros right, left and centre, almost bragging how they can eat 270g of carbs a day. And I have to say it’s somewhat intriguing. Especially when you view videos of these people lifting quite a bit of weight. So you guessed it, I’m adding the good guys into my diet, because I too want to partake in the deliciousness and hopefully gain some strength (which I’m happy to report is increasing!!)

So with that in mind I’ve created these little beauties adapted from Anna Sward‘s cookbook.


I call them Chestnut and Protein Pancakes and here is what you will need:


  • 8 egg whites
  • 2 scoops of your choice of protein powder (I used Gold Standard ON Casein Powder for thickness)
  • 50g Chestnut Flour (See note 1)
  • 2 TBS Coconut Flour 
  • Water to play with the thickness of the batter. 


  • In a food processor whip the egg whites until stiff peaks can easily form.
  • Add the dry ingredients and any flavourings you desire. I added couple of drops of liquid stevia but you really don’t need a sweetener, as you protein powder will already have some sweetness and the chestnut flour has an inherent sweetness to it too. I also added couple of drops of coconut extract.
  • Now add some water to bring the batter to the desired thickness. You want it runny enough so that you can scoop an amount without it being too gooey. But it’s entirely your call. Anna calls for milk, but you can easily accomplish with with water. 
  • Spray your non-stick pan with some coconut oil and ladle a tablespoonful for each pancake and flip once you get some browning achieved. 
  • Served with the toppings of your choice. 

This recipe yields 16 small pancakes and here are the macros. I topped mine with 15g of peanut butter, sprinkle of sunflower seeds, 5g of Krisda Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips and 50g of the Red Velvel Fluff Ice-Cream 🙂 

MACROS per 1 pancake: 39cal, 0.4f, 3.6c, 5.1p

IMG_20150405_120243~2 IMG_20150405_120932

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