Fed up


I’ve heard about this movie  through social media when it was just about to come out in the States and finally was able to watch it myself. I didn’t know much about it, other than the fact that Katie Couric had something to do with it (she is actually one of the executive producers) and that it was pointing out the pitfalls of the current food situation in the States. And, I might add, I’d pretty much watch any food oriented documentary. So I figured that it was another no-brainer analysis of how everything is laden with sugar and we eat too much. I was wrong.

As I was watching it I went from saying to my co-viewer “isn’t this common sense?” to “I can’t believe this is how the government runs in the States!!”. When it comes to American political system, I have to admit that after watching the movie, I had to label myself  “an enlightened ignorant”. But when it comes to food, I am as bewildered as ever that people still believe that fat kills. People still buy into the idea that if they consume a product labeled “low fat” or “no fat” that everything is as it should be, that they are actually eating healthily, regardless of what else is in that product. But how could they not? If even though the government officials know this isn’t so, they can be bribed by the pseudo-food industry into lying to the public in support of the no-fat agenda.

There are many scenes in the movie depicting families that proudly announce that they are doing all they can to eat healthy foods such as low fat this and low fat that and they are surprised that it’s not working. Their kids are exercising and “watching what they eat”, yet the weight not only is not going down, it keeps going up. Now, when you look closer at what it is that they are putting in their carts at the grocery store, you will quickly realize that it’s sugar in all its forms: chips, cookies, puddings, salad dressing, pasta sauces etc. in one word – candy. Now granted, it is low fat, but it’s also high sugar. So, if one eats like this (and we are talking Costco size packaging and not a regular bag for a treat from time to time) and they don’t see results, wouldn’t they try something else? Try changing it up to see if something else gives them better results? Well, the government said that pizza is now considered a vegetable, so what can be better than a vegetable? Is it the government’s fault then, that large percentage of the population is obese? Should the government not be there to protect its citizens and make sure they are well informed? Well, it should, but in the current situation the government’s main objective isn’t making sure we are well. On the government’s agenda right now is money, lots of it and it doesn’t matter where it comes from. And, oh, it comes from whoever has the most of it. If you have it and you are a big corporation making pseudo-foods (or other things like drugs for that matter) and you want them to remain on the shelves of the grocery stores, all you have to do is to wave some green paper with printed numbers on it in front of whoever has a say in the government and they will quickly get rid of that annoying report by the World Health Organization stating sugar should be reduced in the everyday consumption because it is killing us!

This movie, by no means is any sort of revelation (well, except to me, on the bribery going on in the political system). There has been countless of books written and documentaries made on this subject. We have not discovered anything that hasn’t been already discovered. But in a way, it’s another step in the right direction. One more informative movie showing the corruption and the lack of the good intention towards the public. They don’t want  you to get better and be well by means of eating healthy nutritious food. They want you to get sick, if you don’t know any better, so that then you can buy their pills to treat preventable diseases and conditions. So, watch the movie and pass it on to somebody who doesn’t know and who still allows the government to take them by their hand to show them whathigh fat is good for them. And tell them that they mustn’t let that happen anymore, even though it should be the government’s role, right now it can’t.

On that note, I made a cheesy egg bake and    coconut oil pan seared 4oz salmon fillet sprinkled with some chopped green onions and radishes. I do enjoy a hearty fatty kind of meal at least once a week. For the egg bake I usually use a silicone muffin pan to make portioning easy. I put one whole egg in a muffin compartment and add another egg white to fill up the space. Next I’ll add spices and swish it around, making sure I don’t break the egg yolk. For spices I use pink himalayan salt, pepper, smoked paprika, Mrs. Dash or whatever other spices I might have on hand. And on top of all that I’ll add some grated cheese like full fat mozzarella. I’ll also try to swish the cheese with the egg, so that when it all comes out, each bite will have a bit of the melted cheese. As for timing of this beauty, I’m yet to get it right so that the yolk is slightly runny 🙁