The Frills

There is a joke in my household about me being too fancy for discount stores or deals which BTW is totally untrue, but I play along. If you live in Newfoundland (preferably close to Paradise) you would certainly have passed by a grocery store known to the locals as “No Frills” ( and I just found out by googling the name that they also exist in other provinces, yay to Google). As the name implies the store has just basics, the food is the same as what the local Dominion stores carry, but at No Frills it’s presented in a simple, “no frill” way. The place is very small compared to “regular” grocery stores, you have to be very quick on your feet at the checkout and you’d better bring somebody along who will bag the food while you pay, because nobody is babying anybody in there. In short, it’s no frills, just food. Now, as I have mentioned above, the food is exactly the same as what’s displayed at Dominion, all the same President’s Choice brand products and other more fancy brand names such as Liberty Yogurts. Why would you go there and feel like a sardine in a tin? Well, it’s all the same but cheaper! So, the joke is that since I’m so fancy and only go to a select few stores that are approved by my high standards, we had to rename No Frills as The Frills!! That’s the only way that Princess Angelika would step her foot in such an establishment as No Frills! And of course, as stated above, I vehemently disagree with such simplifications! Not only do I like to get a good deal, but I also enjoy the quiet that you get, if you go to No Frills at 8AM on a Saturday morning.

Our trips to No Frills are quick and dirty. We know what we are looking for and it’s pretty much the same deals that we usually get. Once our cart is filled with all the produce that we need we know we are pretty much done. Very rarely do we venture in the other isles of the store, unless it’s for Dylan’s snacks, cleaning products or some condiments. However, last Saturday we ended up at No Frills quite late in the day, it was maybe 11 or 12. We were moving swiftly, but not swiftly enough, because at that time of day there were quite a bit of people. We were nearing the of the produce isle, heading towards the meat section when I spotted my favourite discounted produce shelf! It’s not always there, but when it is, oh boy, you can get a bunch of asparagus for 99c and there is nothing wrong with it, as long as you are planing to eat it fairly soon. There was a crowd already circling the discounted produce shelf so I had to wait my turn. And when it was finally my turn I took some items and returned to my cart. Then I decided to go back for more Egg Plant (after all I needed more than one). I grabbed 2-3 more Egg Plants and proceeded to return to my cart when I heard somebody say in my direction “Excuse me”. I turned my head and I saw a woman staring right back at me and pointing to the Egg Plant. She said: “I often want to get one of these but don’t know what to do with them. How do YOU prepare them?” I felt right at home with this enquiry! Mind you, I often don’t like people asking me questions at the grocery stores, because usually it’s the person at the checkout asking me 10 questions about points cards, redeeming points, using this or using that, signing up for this and that. But this woman just made my day! I started revealing all my culinary secrets to her. Well, not really, but you get the point. I was thrilled that somebody would think that I might know a thing or two about preparing food! When I was finished and returned to my cart I felt enormous pride and joy in helping this woman with a possible food item at her dinner table! Oh yes, she picked one up and put it in her cart! It felt great! All of a sudden I wanted to come up to the next person and tell them what they can do with their veggies in their carts! And I thought to myself: “It’s time to get some business cards ready!” Because I can’t just wait and see what happens, I have to do something! Nothing comes to those who wait! So, it’s going to be simple to start, but it will be a start! It would have been so easy to hand her one of those! But we won’t dwell on what could have been, we’ll focus on what will be!   

So here they are simple and to the point and next time I’ll just whip one out and say with a smile on my face : “I’ve got some recipes for those on my blog, why don’t you have a look and tell your friends about it!”

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 1.06.43 PM

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 1.39.24 PM
Namaste and Bon Appetit! 


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