Vanilla Bean Cupcakes

My nickname should be “the TV show monster”, as in the cookie monster, only I don’t devour cookies, I devour TV shows. I’m not even kidding. There is somewhat of a tradition in my household of Randy finding new shows for us to watch (preferably ones that have been on air for several seasons) and me “gorging” on them one by one until we catch up to the current season. Then I have to wait like a good little girl until next episodes airs on TV. I can’t help it, when I like a show I like to watch it. Simple. And on the plus side, they are not fattening like cookies 😛

My current obsession’s name is “2 Broke Girls” and I’ve already caught up to the current episode 🙁 . It’s about these 2 girls who work in a stinky dinner, trying to make ends meet and start their own business, a cupcake business. You know where I’m going with this now, eh? We’ve been watching them make cupcakes now well into the 4th season and all this baking made me want to try it too. I don’t normally bake, but I’ve had this funky recipe stuck in my head for a while and a container of cream cheese along with cottage cheese have been calling my name from the back of my fridge. So, here you have it: Vanilla Bean Cupcakes.

Now, they are not your traditional kind of cupcakes, because I rarely do anything traditional anymore. Let everybody else do traditional, I opt for funky, unexpected shiznit! And the tester agreed that they are delicious but not what you would expect from cupcakes. I hear that they are much more doughy and moist than traditional cupcakes, but that’s to be expected when you look over the ingredients. I have not sampled them yet. Will, as soon as this is published, so I might add a PS.

Naked straight from the moulds


2 different kind of frosting on these two. One is hazelnut cream cheese, the other is pumpkin spice cottage cheese

IMG_20141129_164758~2 IMG_20141129_164717~2 IMG_20141129_164644~2 IMG_20141129_164257~2 IMG_20141129_163956~2 IMG_20141129_163939~2

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