What I ate today

I see people sharing their binges on YouTube and I truly cringe because I know it does not feel good to overeat. Especially when you overeat on junk, I’ve done it so I know how crappy it makes you feel. I usually have a very hard time falling asleep and staying asleep when I eat junk food. So, in the spirit of transparency and because I feel like all the 10k calorie binges are ridiculously stupid, I’ve taken a picture of every meal from a fairly typical day of my eating. 

Lately I like to eat 4 meals in a day, spaced out somewhat evenly with the exception of the last one, because it needs to happen before I go to bed at about 8:00-8:30 (now that’s a topic for an entire new post, so I won’t elaborate here). 

Banana pancake
At about 6:30AM on a Sunday I went into a frenzy with my food processor to whip up a pancake for my breakfast!

This is a huge pancake, I know, and I could probably make a stack of small ones and it would not look like I am eating a plate. However, to save time and frying pans I pour out the entire batch of batter and call it a day. If you have been reading my blog you know my base recipe for my pancakes , but I do like to change it up a bit. For this one, because it was a leg day I added 20g of banana flour, topped it with 25g blueberries and 25g sliced bananas, sprinkled with cinnamon and BCAA (to imitate icing sugar). There is also 15g almond butter and 30g light cream cheese as toppings. The whole meal is a bit higher in macros than my usual pancake, but it was leg day, so I needed it 🙂 It was 421calories, 36c, 15f, 35p and it was very filling and delicious! 

After the gym, at about 11:30AM I created this beauty and a mandatory cup of black coffee in a giant mug!

While at the gym I started planning my lunch and I didn’t feel like making it sweet, but I also didn’t feel like eating meat for some reason. All I knew is that I wanted something savoury! Then eggs popped into my mind and I knew exactly what I was going to serve for lunch. There are 2 whole eggs, 4 egg whites, 100g mashed sweet potato with 50g caramelized onions and mushrooms. Egg whites have 25g of my home made pesto (recipe coming to you later), salt and pepper! I could eat this day in and day out, it was that good! 

My staple supper at about 4:00PM and another giant beverage, this time herbal tea – I do want to sleep tonight to get up for morning gym!

Broccoli makes me happy as of late! I think I’ve been feeling guilty about all the broccoli heads that have been forgotten at the back of the fridge and gone bad before I noticed them that now this is my supper daily! Underneath it all is 100g of colourful coleslaw and on top you see pan seared 4.5oz of cod and 150g of broccoli with 10g almond butter for fat and flavour. This is a lighter meal because I want to eat again before I turn in: 243calories, 16c, 7f, 30p.  

Another pancake for good measure!
Another pancake for good measure!

And to finish off the day, yes you guessed it another pancake! I told you that I eat them daily and sometimes twice a day 🙂 It’s my basic recipe: 1cup liquid egg whites, .25cup unsweetened almond milk, 10g peanut butter, 20g coconut flour and 30g cream cheese. And it cost me 333calories, 16c, 13f, 35p

The most basic and true advice that I could give to anybody for sticking to their diet is to plan out your meals and keep busy in between the meals! We often times eat out of boredom, it’s well known. We are not hungry, we just need something to do, so we eat. But if you keep busy doing something, like for example food prep, you will not eat mindlessly! I guarantee you! I just tested this on myself today! Not a morsel of unaccounted for food went into my mouth, except the meals that were planned. I was simply too busy doing what I love: gym, food prep, writing this very blog post, editing pictures, cooking and drinking a gazillion cups of tea 🙂 Try it! It works!

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