Yoga Teacher Training Graduation

About a year ago I set out on a journey of training to become a yoga instructor. It never occurred to me back then that starting a blog would have been a good idea to document this journey. So, as a result I’m a year behind on journaling about it. But as they say: “It’s never too late.” So I decided to do it from the end, because I’ve just graduated! 

My Yoga teachers Meaghan Burridge and Bobby Bessey – a wealth of knowledge.
Still sort of hard to believe that I’ve completed it and now can officially start teaching. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve 2 useless university degrees and I even started a 3rd, but somehow they don’t measure up to this. This gives me skills that I can put to work and actually enjoy and make it into something. University degrees are meaningless if they don’t represent your passion.

This year long adventure started quite abruptly and at 200% capacity, like everything in my life. I either go in full speed with my iron foot on the gas pedal pressed all the way in or not at all. Yoga was not any different. Back in the summer of 2013 I had just joined this hip and hot yoga studio and fell in love with group yoga classes. Prior to joining this yoga studio I had had only home yoga experience, I would practice yoga along with a DVD, but it wasn’t the same as committing to a 60-75 minute yoga class. Somehow it seemed more serious.

By the time September came along I had started researching Yoga Teacher Training courses and by October 2013 I had committed to follow a year long Yoga Teacher Training Program with Shakti studio. In January 2014 our classes had commenced and I wanted to read everything at once and couldn’t wait to get my hands on the reading list. And once I got it I used every single waking free moment I had to read and study. There was a period of time when I’d wake up before everybody else and go at it. I remember it as the Yoga Sutras period. I’ve looked at different translations and tried to analyze and dissect them Sutra by Sutra. It was not by any means an easy text, but the premise was quite accessible: Quiet the mind by detaching yourself from earthly preoccupations – the way to succeed at yoga. Of course this is a gross oversimplification.

I picked up a non-curriculum text about yoga called “How yoga works”. It is a story of a girl on a journey to find her guru. She ends up locked up in a jail and teaches yoga to co-prisoners and the guard. It’s the most accessible text I have read about what yoga is because it is written as a story. It integrates tremendously well the main subjects of Yoga Sutras in an everyday manner. Anybody can read it, understand it and relate it to their own lives. Unlike Bhagavad Gita, which also tells a story, but is much less obvious. Reading Bhagavad Gita you do need a commentary (same for Yoga Sutras) from somebody who can explain historical references etc.

I don’t feel that I’ve done everything that I need to do in terms of educating myself as a yoga teacher. Quite the contrary, my bookshelf still contains an array of texts that I’m happy to get my hands on to learn, relearn and polish my skills. Now, that the formal training is over I feel it’s a great time to refresh and read for the sake of reading rather than because I have to. I’ve always been like this, having the feeling of urgency while in school and once I would have graduated I’d feel I could really devote myself to study.

So, we had a potluck on the graduation day and there was such a huge variety of yummy foods!

If you know me you know that I love to eat and I was a bit worried I was not going to be able to partake due to my particular diet. I was wrong, I was able to taste pretty much everything on that table and everything was delicious, including the cake! Yes, the cake!! 
There is my Tzatziki dip and Chickpea flour crackers in the left top corner of the picture.

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Me teaching my practicum.
Me teaching my practicum.

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